Odisha Research Center

Thanks to Hon’ble Governor of Odisha @dasraghubar, Chattisgarh Hon’ble Governor Biswa Bhushan Harichandan for inaugurating ‘Odisha Research Center’ on the occasion of holy Kartik Month and ‘Constitution Day’. In the presence of MP Bhartruhari Mahtab, including prominent personalities who have broadened the field of Odia language, art, culture and education, today’s inauguration of this research center is a glorious achievement for our state.
Priority has been given to multi-disciplinary education in the sense of Prime Minister Narendra Modi visionary national education policy. To review our rich, prosperous and glorious Odia society, we will have to explore the scientific reasons and basic elements of the process behind the stone pieces of Konark temple built by the architects of Odisha. Odisha Research Center will be of special help in this direction.
Art, Culture, Archaeology, Tradition and Literature, Sociology of Odisha, Humanities, Political Process and Political Culture, Immigrant Odia and their Contribution, Agriculture, Commerce, Business and Industry, Development Trends of Contemporary Odisha, Science Technology and Healthcare, Future Technology and Smart Cities, Climate Change, Environmental Protection and Continuous Development, Semiconductor, Rare Species and Odisha research center will do research on advanced minerals.
In the coming 13 years, in 2036 our state will celebrate the centenary of the formation of a separate state. After another 24 years in 2047 the country will celebrate the centenary of its independence. At this time, the public Odia Research Center will prepare a roadmap for the development of Odisha, development of Odia, guidance to Odia young generation and building a bright future over the next two decades.

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