Digital Marketing Services For Diamond Traders in Surat Gujrat

Proposal For Digital Advertising Services For Diamond Dealers and Traders – 

Introduction – 

At Kotapride, we extend our deepest gratitude to our esteemed customers for their unwavering trust in our sales and advertising paid promotional services. To further enhance your businesses’ reach and success, 

Strategy Overview – 

Our specialized strategy encompasses a multi-faceted approach, leveraging the power of digital media and tailored packages to suit the diverse needs of businesses.


Smart Energetic Website With Integrated Backforce SEO  ( Rs. 75,000):

Information – Need a robust and scalable solution? Our Backforce package is perfect for businesses with complex requirements. Benefit from advanced features, integrations, and a fully customized website built to support your growth.

NOTE:- 1. Domain and hosting will be renewed every year

  1. Editing & Changes are free for one year
  2. Id Proof and Business registration is compulsory


( Advanced ISM Package )

Promote your website and e-commerce platforms through ISM (Website booster).

  • Rs. 35000/- for 3 Month 

Kota pride special-

  • OSM (Online Search Marketing)
  • CSM(Content Searching Marketing)
  • SEM ( Search Engine Marketing )
  • SMO (Social Media Optimization)
  • All Campaigns will be Organic Searching on search engine will be permanent.


Facebook & Instagram Page Marketing Package Monthly –

Price: Rs. 1 lakh (Quarterly) 

Please note – that charges for Paid Campaigns and Ad Campaigns are not included in the package price. The costs associated with such campaigns will be determined separately and will be the responsibility of the customer.

Google PPC Ads Packages –

Rs. 75,000 (Quarterly)

What are the benefits of this package –

➢ Increasing Leads

➢ Grow Customers And Sales

➢ Online Visibility

➢ Website And App Promotion

➢ Branding Your Business

Thanks and Regards

Kotapride Team Kota

Contact us Details

MObile number and Whatsapp – 9828036274

Email us: –      


Address: -Kotapride – 621,Shivpath ,1st floor Mukesh plaza Dadabari,  Kota

Our websites –

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